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Para preguntas o inquietudes sobre COVID-19, favor de comunicarse con la localidad de North Country HealthCare más cercana a usted. Contamos con personal que habla español para atenderle.

Update as of 8/22/2022

Mask Policy

Effective August 22, 2022 North Country HealthCare’s mask requirements for patients will be determined by COVID-19 transmission risk levels. Risk levels will vary by community. Please refer to posted signage at your local North Country HealthCare, or call to determine risk level in your community.

  • When risk level is HIGH (red) patients must wear masks in all areas at all times.
  • When risk level is ELEVATED (yellow) patients must wear masks if they have sick symptoms, a positive COVID test (within last 2 weeks), or recent COVID exposure.
  • When risk level is LOW (green) patients must wear masks if they have sick symptoms, a positive COVID test (within last 2 weeks), or recent COVID exposure.

Appointments – What to Expect

Arrival – Staff members will screen patients for COVID-19 related symptoms at the door. If you are experiencing any sick symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, etc.) when you arrive for your appointment, please stay outside and call to let us know you have arrived.

Face Masks – If you are required to wear a mask in one of our buildings, please wear a well-fitting Level 3 or greater surgical face mask. Face shields, gators, bandannas or winter clothing used as a face covering are not allowed. If you do not have an approved face mask, we can provide you with one. Thank you for helping protect our patients and staff!


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