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    All patients and visitors entering our facilities are required to wear an approved face mask

    If you are experiencing any sick symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, etc.) when you arrive for your appointment, please stay outside and call to let us know you have arrived

    Change in Dialing – Beginning 10/24/21, you must dial 10 digits for all local calls. This means you will need to dial the area code (928) before all 7 digit phone numbers. Please visit the Arizona Corporation Commission website for more information.



    North Country HealthCare has on-site pharmacies at our Flagstaff, Kingman and Grand Canyon locations. A pharmacist is available for consultations on diabetes, anticoagulation and complex medication regimens. If your provider is at a North Country HealthCare location without a pharmacy, you can still use our pharmacy services!

    Our pharmacists work with providers at all North Country HealthCare locations. Clinical pharmacists are a part of your care team and are available to meet with you and/or your provider. They specialize in managing medications to make sure they are helping you stay well. Additionally, your medications can be delivered directly to the North Country location nearest you. We also partner with various retail pharmacies in our service network to offer discounts to our patients.

    Find a Pharmacy Location

    Below you’ll find our hours of operation and pharmacy locations. 

    New Prescriptions

    All locations can receive new prescriptions for their patients. If you are a patient at a North Country location that does not have an onsite pharmacy, your provider can send the prescription to the Flagstaff pharmacy to be filled and sent to your North Country provider for you to pick up. This process usually takes about one week. Payment for prescriptions can be made when picking up the prescription, or directly to the Flagstaff North Country pharmacy. If you choose to have your prescription filled at a local pharmacy, you may be eligible for discounts as a North Country patient. The office staff can provide you with more information.

    Prescription Refills

    Refills are available by calling 928.522.9403, or through our patient portal. This process will take a week, so be sure to plan ahead. We also offer a 90-day fill option. Please ask a pharmacist if your medication qualifies.

    No Prescription Refills Left?

    Call the pharmacy approximately 10 days before your prescription is gone. The pharmacy will call your provider for further refills. You will be notified if no refills are available.

    Pharmacy FAQs

    Q: How does a pharmacist get behind the prescription counter?

    A: It isn’t easy. To qualify for a license, a pharmacist must complete a college course of up to six years, studying biochemistry, physical and analytical chemistry, drug interactions, bacteriology, pharmacology, toxicology and compounding. Pharmacists must also complete an internship, but their education doesn’t stop there. In order to keep up with the latest developments in pharmaceutical care, your pharmacist is involved in continuing education programs.

    Q: How does all the professional education benefit me?

    A: You have a highly skilled professional making sure you receive exactly what the doctor ordered. Your pharmacist can provide you with valuable information and advice about the medication you are taking.

    Q: Does the pharmacist really want to discuss my medication with me?

    A: Your pharmacist is an expert in drug therapy; trained and motivated to serve the public. The pharmacist is the health professional people see most frequently. Talking with a pharmacist is easy and informal. No appointment is necessary. Your pharmacist can assist and counsel you on how and when to take both prescription and non-prescription medications. Your pharmacist is frequently consulted by physicians on the proper use of drugs and is always happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

    Q: What can a pharmacist tell me about my medicine?

    A: Just about anything you’d like to know. Your pharmacist is concerned you thoroughly understand how and when the medication which is prescribed for you should be taken and you are aware of any side effects that may occur.

    Q: Is it a good idea to have all my prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy?

    A: Think of it this way: you return to the same physician because you feel he or she knows you, has a record of your healthcare and is in a better position to serve you. You should have a family pharmacist for the same reasons. By refilling your prescriptions at the same pharmacy, your pharmacist can determine if a new medication you have been prescribed will adversely interact with your current medication(s).

    Q: Can the pharmacist help me with non-prescription medicines?

    A: Yes. You should seek this advice before purchasing any over-the-counter or non-prescription medicines. Many of these products are subject to misuse and should be taken as directed. They may interact with prescribed medications you are taking. Your pharmacist is knowledgeable about the safe use of self-prescribed medications.

    Q: What can a clinical pharmacist do for me?

    A: Clinical pharmacists work closely with your provider to help you get the most benefits out of your medications. You can meet with a clinical pharmacist when you have multiple conditions that are difficult to control or if you take many medications and are confused about them. Clinical pharmacists can also help you understand your medical problems and why you are taking certain medications. They also work with your provider to adjust your medications, if needed.

    Q: How can I meet with a clinical pharmacist?

    A: The best way to contact a clinical pharmacist is to ask your provider to schedule a separate appointment, or to invite a clinical pharmacist to your office visit. You can also call the pharmacy and ask for a clinical pharmacist to contact you. Not every visit needs to be in person. You can talk to a clinical pharmacist over the phone or see them face-to face using telehealth technology at the North Country HealthCare location nearest you.

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