We Keep Kids Smiling with Affordable Pediatric Dental Care Services

05/29/2024 by Taylor Holston

pediatric dental patient pointing to her teeth and smilingWe’re celebrating National Dental Care Month this May at North Country HealthCare! We believe SO much in the critical role that preventative pediatric dental care plays. Not only does it increase oral health and overall health, but it also increases confidence which can extend into so many other areas of your kids’ life.

Our team provides affordable and accessible pediatric dental care focused on prevention and restoration. We also treat adults who meet specific eligibility criteria. We accept most insurance plans and offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. And the cherry on top? We have the best dental care providers in Arizona, so you always receive excellent care!

Do Regular Cleanings and Exams Really Matter?

Yes! Preventative pediatric dental care, like regular cleanings and exams, helps maintain oral health and has broader impacts on children’s overall well-being. For example, did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease? According to the CDC, kids who have poor oral health often miss more school and receive lower grades than kids who don’t.

In addition to these school-related consequences, there are also serious health repercussions. Tooth decay can lead to painful infections and can even cause issues with eating and speaking if left untreated for too long. By instilling good oral hygiene habits early — like regular cleanings and exams — children are much more likely to carry healthy hygiene habits into adulthood and eventually pass that knowledge onto their own children someday!

A Few Things Parents Can Do at Home to Help

Our dental care team is amazing, but it’s parents who really set the stage for their children’s oral health. Here are a few easy things you can do to build even better hygiene habits at home:

  • Establish a Routine: Encourage your child to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. Make it fun by playing their favorite song or using a timer. Establishing a routine helps them understand the importance of regular brushing!
  • Lead by Example: Children learn by observing, so make sure to demonstrate good oral hygiene habits yourself. Brush your teeth together to show them the proper technique. This not only reinforces the importance of brushing but also strengthens your bond.
  • Limit Juice and Soda: Sugary drinks can contribute to tooth decay so try to limit these. Instead, encourage your kids to drink more water, especially fluoridated water. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay.

Additionally, parents can — and should — take advantage of resources like North Country HealthCare’s pediatric dental care services to ensure their children receive the care they need!

North Country HealthCare Dental Services

We are proud to offer comprehensive dental care services focused on prevention and restoration. We accept most insurance plans, and there’s a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. Eligibility for dental services extends to pediatric patients, their guardians, and individuals meeting specific criteria, including pregnant women, adults in shelters, and those referred by various organizations. To inquire about eligibility, you can contact us here.

In addition to these services, Coconino County may provide a one-time use voucher for adults in need of emergency dental care. These emergency visits are available on a walk-in basis in each of our clinics. Please call your local clinic for emergency dental service information.

As we celebrate National Dental Care Month, let’s prioritize preventative pediatric dental care by incorporating the techniques we shared in this post. You don’t have to be perfect (no one is) but making an effort will make a big difference and will help your children develop healthier habits that will benefit them throughout their life!

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