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October 29, 2019 by Sam Hipolito

Key Takeaways


North Country HealthCare’s Well Woman HealthCheck program is highlighting a patient survivor in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So What?

With the help and support from North Country HealthCare’s Well Woman HealthCheck team, Maribel was able to catch her cancer early and get the support she needed.

Now What?

After Maribel’s treatment, she wanted to let everyone know about the services the Well Woman HealthCheck program offers. To learn more about North Country HealthCare’s Well Woman HealthCheck program, visit:

Josie and Maribel

North Country HealthCare’s Well Woman HealthCheck program helps low-income, uninsured and underinsured women (like Maribel) gain access to age-appropriate breast and cervical cancer screening, as well as diagnostic services including clinical breast exams, mammograms, Pap & HPV tests, and pelvic exams.

Maribel first started coming to North Country HealthCare in 2013 for care. When Maribel became a patient, she was told about the Well Woman HealthCheck Program through her provider and was encouraged to see if she was eligible for screenings. This is where Maribel’s journey with the Well Woman HealthCheck team started.

Luckily, Maribel was eligible for the WWHP and associated resources. Maribel is so thankful for the WWHP team, especially that “they were able to detect it and from then on everything was very quick, from detection to treatment.”

The following is how Maribel shares her story:

“My faith is big. In life, I have learned that everything happens for a reason. When I found out I had cancer, I knew everything was going to be okay.

My husband was upset when we found out. He broke down crying, but I stayed strong. You can ask anybody – no one would have known I had cancer. I didn’t even tell my kids until the day of my surgery. All of my friends, when I was done with surgery said, “I never saw you sad, or crying, or worried.”

I will always be appreciative that this team is here as a resource for others. I know Josie was my angel on earth to have her guide me through this process. The Well Woman HealthCheck Program is always there for you and calls to remind you of appointments and treatments.

One of the treatments I needed was located in Phoenix. The WWHP team moved mountains for me to make sure I could receive treatment there. Josie even offered me a gas card to help me get to my treatments in Phoenix.

Without the Well Woman HealthCheck team, I wouldn’t know how to pay for any of my treatments. My whole treatment, I paid ZERO out of pocket. Nothing.

After treatment, my life has been beautiful… I can sleep at peace now knowing I’m cancer free. This program was able to give me peace and uphold my faith. I know that not everyone makes it, and that families suffer. Without this program, I wouldn’t be where I am today… Now I tell everyone to go to North Country HealthCare and see if they are eligible for the WWHP because North Country HealthCare and the Well Woman HealthCare team helped me and they are the reason I am here today.

The WWHP team made me their top priority, from making sure everything was done quickly from detection to treatment to surgery. They made me feel that I was their priority. Most people work paycheck to paycheck, not out of love. I could tell Josie and the WWHP team put their lives, and their problems aside when they are at work because they are very serious about helping as many people as they can. You just get a certain feeling when someone assures you that they are working for you.

The Well Woman HealthCheck Program exists throughout Arizona.  To see if North Country HealthCare has a screening site near you, click here or call our Flagstaff office at 928.522.9404 to be directed to the location nearest you.

About North Country HealthCare

North Country HealthCare serves as the medical home for nearly 50,000 people throughout northern Arizona, 20,000 who reside in Flagstaff and the surrounding area. North Country HealthCare accepts Medicare, AHCCCS, commercial insurance and offers a sliding-fee scale based on income and family size. North Country has a large and diverse team of providers and is always accepting new patients. For more information on the locations, programs and services, call 928.522.9400 or visit Follow North Country HealthCare on Facebook and Instagram.

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