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Transgender Services

Transgender Services

At North Country HealthCare, we believe that any person who is seeking services to address their medical needs as a transgender person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Members of our staff are available to support individuals and families in the next steps, as appropriate for their life. We can assist with ensuring that you have the necessary support to initiate hormones or surgery.

North Country HealthCare has providers (medical, pharmacy, behavioral health) who are trained in the latest science. Our staff is trained to work with individuals and families to address the needs of the transgender person and their support system.

Transgender Services We Offer

Our team will work with you to:

  • Address and support the process for initiation of hormones
  • Write letters of support for the initiation of hormones or surgery
  • Make referrals to surgeons
  • Provide tele-mental health services for transgender people who live in the service area but are unable to meet in person with a trained mental health provider
  • Manage health challenges and diagnoses
  • Provide referrals to outside agencies

Behavioral Health Support

Our behavioral health consultants are available to support individuals and families in making changes to improve health and well-being during all stages of a person’s social, legal, or medical transition. Behaviorists can also assist in creating plans to manage health challenges and diagnoses.

North Country HealthCare has behavioral health providers on our medical team called “behaviorists” who are trained to work with individuals, families and small groups. They also provide short-term counseling services in areas such as stress, anxiety and depression – just ask your primary care provider at your next visit or you can self-refer.

Our behavioral health team will work with you to:

  • Understand the relationship between physical health and well-being
  • Make lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being
  • Address stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues
  • Create a plan to achieve positive health outcomes
  • Manage health challenges and diagnoses
  • Provide referrals to outside providers and agencies

Insurance & Payment

North Country HealthCare is committed to providing access to the very best medical care, regardless of insurance or financial status. We accept a wide variety of commercial, Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans. If you are uninsured, our Health Benefits Advocates will work with you to see if you are eligible for any available insurance coverage and assist you with enrollment.


Do you require a letter to start a transgender person on hormones?
(NOTE: North Country HealthCare has one or more mental health providers who can write letters of support for surgery)

Yes. The letter should include the following information:

  • Name of the provider, their contact information and their credentials
  • The nature and length of the clinical relationship
  • The patient’s legal name and date of birth (NOTE: if a patient uses a different name than their legal name, this should be noted)
  • An indication of the following:
    • Readiness for initiation of hormones
    • Any known mental health concerns and whether they are reasonably well-controlled (e.g., compliance with medication or other treatment modalities)
    • The patient’s gender history (e.g., when did they first identify in their affirmed gender, did this change as they went through puberty)

I do not live near a clinic with a provider qualified to address my transition needs. Do you have other options for care?

Yes. Each of our clinics is equipped with tele-conferencing equipment. You can make an appointment with a qualified provider and they will be able to meet you via tele-conference to meet your clinical needs.

Does my primary care provider need to be a North Country HealthCare provider?

Yes. Whether you are seeking behavioral or physical healthcare, you will need to have a North Country HealthCare provider as your primary care provider.

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes. To learn more about the insurances we accept visit our Insurance & Payment page.

How do I know if my insurance is accepted for hormone treatment?

You will need to contact the customer service office for your health insurance. Their phone number is usually listed on your insurance card. They can assist you with coverage determinations.

I heard that North Country HealthCare is a federally qualified health center (FQHC). What does that mean?

As an FQHC, North Country HealthCare cannot deny care to anyone based on their insurance coverage or their ability to pay.

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