COVID-19 Assessment

Thank you for using our COVID-19 Assessment

Based on the information you provided, we do not recommend seeing a provider at this time. However, if you develop a fever and shortness of breath, we recommend you call 1.800.687.5798 to schedule a virtual visit or contact your primary care provider. If at any time you experience shortness of breath we recommend you go to the hospital. For example, if you experience shortness of breath when you move from one room to the other or you experience shortness of breath when you stand.

As a precaution, if you, or a family member, think you may have Coronavirus (COVID-19) the CDC recommends:

  • Stay home if you are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms (flu-like symptoms with low-grade fever and cough).
  • If you DO need to be seen NOTIFY our clinic prior to arrival to avoid waiting areas.
  • Go to the hospital if you are experiencing severe symptoms (flu-like symptoms with high fever, cough and shortness of breath), NOTIFY the hospital prior to arrival.

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