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The Behavioral Health Integration Manager (BHI) to work in outpatient, primary health clinic in Flagstaff, AZ. BHI will be responsible execution, and oversight of activities, actions, and services within assigned programming areas, including planning, promotion, implementation, billing optimization, grant management, budgeting and evaluation of program operations at each of the North Country clinics and services both through telemedicine and in person. The BHI will supervise program members, develop and coordinate programmatic materials, activities, or services. The BHI must be able demonstrate a high level of self-initiative to successfully perform all essential functions, duties, tasks, assignments, and responsibilities for the successful administration and management of the program assigned within the North Country organization. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Directs and oversees the planning, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of all services, activities, and functions of the program. Ensuring that all goals and objectives, as well as grant deliverables/metrics
  2. Directs, oversees, and/or completes all program projects; ensures the successful performance and/or completion of all administrative or programmatic duties, tasks, and assignments supporting program operations are within established time frames
  3. Ensures that the program maintains, at all times, patient and employee confidentiality by controlling the environment and information being disclosed to authorized-individuals ensuring compliance with all HIPAA and corporate compliance standards
  4. Serves as a dedicated integrated Behavioral Health Consultant in the system two days per week
  5. Develops, implements, and evaluates strategic program goals and objectives, policies, and procedures; effectively interpreting and implementing policies, procedures, and best practices ensuring successful program deliverables
  6. Supervises and/or completes the research, generation and distribution of complex reports and/or summary information, as assigned or requested, to program or organizational staff, or other internal/external clients or representatives through utilization and analysis of available reporting programs linked to program databases or systems
  7. Manages and supervises program staff members prioritizing and assigning work; coordinates, monitors and evaluates staff members by providing guidance and direction on the successful completion of assigned tasks, duties, and responsibilities that support the successful achievement of program and organizational goals or objectives
  8. Gains and maintains a comprehensive understanding and awareness of community or organizational based grants or programs that support the program goals and objectives, or that provide alternative resources and support to program clients, community members, or program goals and objectives
  9. Serves as point of contact and liaison for the program for internal and external committees, task forces, or work groups with all community, government, non-profit, internal/external clients, and business agencies or organizations
  10. Supervises and reviews all actual program revenue and expenditures to ensure adherence with the allocated budget, providing directions and recommendations for remaining within the assigned program budget while ensuring program success
  11. Gains and maintains a comprehensive understanding of all compliance, performance, and reporting requirements or standards required for grant participation, ensuring full compliance of the program.
  12. Prepares written professional-level communication and/or materials, financial statements, or reports on program activities, progress towards defined goals and objectives
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